Isn’t it a lot of work to prepare items?

Cleaning and tagging does take time, that’s why we encourage consignors to start early. Do a little everyday. The better the presentation of the item, the better it will sell. You may also want to take some time to research and determine the right selling price. Your items will sell if they look great and are priced right.

Wouldn’t I make more money holding my own yard sale or listing on Craigslist?

Most consignors do both as well as participate in our consignment sale. The benefits of being a consignor include: You don’t have to haggle price, you get to remain anonymous, you don’t have to invite strangers into your home to view your items, and you don’t have to advertise or contact buyers. After the consignment event, pick up your items and continue selling online, at your own yard sale or keep them to sell at our next sale. Kidcycle simply provides another option for clearing the clutter.

Is there a minimum or maximum to what I can sell?

We ask that each consignor tags a minimum of 10 items or items totaling at least $50. This will earn you a pass to shop at Consignor Shopping. We do not have a maximum on the number of items to sell but ask that if you are going to sell more than 200 items please be aware that the check in process may take a little longer and allow at least 30-45 minutes.

How much time should I designate for dropping off my items?

A typical drop-off does not take more than 30-45 minutes, but this varies according to how many people have come to drop-off at the same time, as well as how many items you are bringing. Remember that we ask that you come to drop-off with enough time to help place your items on the sales floor after they have been inspected. You can speed up your drop-off by having your items correctly hung and tagged as well as having them in order by gender and size when you bring them in.

When do I drop off my things?

Consignors drop off their items to sell during the “drop-off” times. Refer to the Important Dates for actual drop off times for the upcoming sale. Please allow enough time in your schedule at drop off to have your items checked in and to place them in their appropriate locations on the sales floor.

Can someone else drop off my items for me?

Anyone can drop-off your items. Please make sure they know your consignor number when they come. They will be responsible for helping to place your items on the sales floor, as well as returning any items to you that Kidcycle chose not to accept.

What happens to my items that don’t sell?

After the event, you can pick up your unsold items during the specified pick-up times. Any left-over items becomes property of Kidcycle. We host a Dollar Day Sale and all proceeds from the sale go to families in need. Left over items are donated to local charities that help families and children. Please refer to the Important Dates for the exact times of consignor pick-up for the upcoming sale.

What does the $15.00 consignment fee cover?

The fee goes toward the location rental, advertising, insurance, etc.

What if I lose my consignor check? Can I get it re-issued?

Yes. If you lose your consignor check, we will issue a replacement check minus $35 to cover bank fees we are charged for cancelling your original check.

Where can I get hangers?

There are several stores there that just throw their hangers away and will gladly give you a bag full. Freecycle, Craigslist, Walmart and dollar stores are great places to look. We have also had luck asking friends and neighbors for unwanted hangers!

Will I get my hangers back?

Hangers from your sold items will not be returned to you, but keep in mind that you will be given the hangers from the items you purchase at the sale, as well as hangers from your unsold items if you choose not to donate them. We suggest recycling those hangers you get when you buy new kids clothing to save money and help the environment!

Do I need to have the clothes up on hangers when dropping them off or do I need to just provide hangers for you to put them?

All clothing must be hung on hangers and tagged.

Can I participate in the sale if my tags do not have barcodes?

No. To maximize the efficiency of the bar coding system, all tags MUST have barcodes.

Where do I buy cardstock?

You can purchase cardstock from any store that carries office supplies such as Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Walmart, etc. It must be 60 lbs. or more. You can also buy by the sheet at most office/printing stores. Saves you a ton of money!

Can I hand write tags?

No, handwritten tags will not be accepted. We use a computerized tagging system which saves sellers tons of time and money!

What’s a good price for my items…how do I know?

Tag clothes around 1/3 of the new retail price since they are in abundance. Toys (indoor and outdoor), furniture, bedding, baby gear, etc. are in high demand and normally sell for a higher percentage than clothing. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself…how much would I pay for this item? Research the internet and E-bay or Craigslist for retail costs. Everyone is getting a good deal by selling and shopping with us!

When will my check be mailed?

All consignors checks are mailed three weeks from Dollar Day.

How do I attend the Consignor’s Shopping day?

If you are a registered Consignor who consigns a minimum of 10 items or items totaling at least $50, you will receive a ribbon to enter the Consignor Shopping Night. Check out the Important Dates page for Consignor Shopping dates and times.

Who can I bring to the Consignor Shopping days?

We know it can be helpful to have someone with you to help you shop. At the same time, it is important that we keep it fair to those who have earned the right to shop at Consignor Shopping by not allowing uninvited guests. We also want to make your shopping experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, and since the building is so full of bargains at Consignor Shopping, it is important that we strive to keep it as least-crowded as possible by limiting the number of helpers consignors can bring with them. For these reasons, ONLY ONE PERSON will be allowed in with the consignor on one pass. This person must be a PARTNER, GRANDPARENT or A CHILD UNDER 18 only. Anyone else beyond the one person (partner, grandparent or child under 18) that would like to shop with you must also be a consignor and/or volunteer. We appreciate your understanding!

Can I remove my items once I have dropped them off?

Once you have dropped off your items they will remain in Kidcycle’s possession until the designated pick up day unless sold.