Shopping our Diaper Drop Sale 

Bring a packaged of unused diapers to shop at our Diaper Drop Sale before our Public Sales! Diapers can be new in package or unused out of package. Donations from our Diaper Drop will go to Diaper Bank of North Carolina!

Supporting New Parents, Military, and Foster Families

We love our foster and military families!  We also feel strongly about supporting our new families.  If you are a military family, foster family, expecting or have a 1 year old or younger you can register to shop early at our Diaper Drop Sale.

Click HERE to register for the Sale as a New Parent/Military or Foster Family! You will receive your pass via email the day before the sale.

*Please note that partners or grandparents may accompany our New Parents, Military and Foster Families.  Friends or neighbors will need to bring diapers to donate to get into our Diaper Drop Sale. 

Why do we need a Diaper Bank in our community?

As parents, we can all understand the need for children to have enough clean diapers. But did you know that existing safety-net programs such as WIC and food stamps do not cover diapers? With the cost of diapers averaging $100 per month, this leaves families living in poverty struggling to afford the diapers their children need to stay healthy and comfortable.

The impact is significant.

In low-income households, babies and toddlers often spend the entire day or longer in the same diaper. Inadequate diaper changing increases the risk of numerous health problems including severe diaper rash and skin infections, and may be linked to an increased rate of hepatitis.

Discomfort caused by inadequate diaper changing increases distress and crying. Studies show that a baby crying for a prolonged period may be at greater risk of physical abuse by caregivers.

Most childcare facilities require that parents leave a full day’s supply of disposable diapers. Families that cannot afford to do so are unable to take advantage of childcare, including free or subsidized programs. This creates additional problems of work and school absenteeism.

Diaper Bank of North Carolina partners with established family-support organizations such as Welcome Baby and Healthy Families Durham to distribute diapers to low-income families. In addition, we provide emergency diaper kits to meet immediate needs, and offer guidance and administrative support for diaper drives. Beginning in our community, Diaper Bank will create a model that we can replicate and support in every county in North Carolina.

Our goal is not only to address the unmet need for diapers, but also to advocate for recognition of diapers as a basic human need all children deserve.

To learn more about Diaper Bank of North Carolina or to support our mission of helping North Carolina families, please contact us at:

Diaper Bank of North Carolina hosts Kidcycle as a one-of-a-kind children's consignment sale, benefitting consignors, shoppers, and local families. Thank you for helping us change lives, one diaper at a time.