The Hassle-Free Way to Consign!

Kidcycle is pleased to offer Valet Tagging, a service for hassle-free consigning! With Valet Tagging, our trained team of Tagging Fairies sort, tag and price your items – and deliver them to the sale site. All you do is bring them to a valet drop-off spot and pick up your consignor’s check post-sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does Valet Tagging cost?
    After the sale is over we’ll mail you a check for 50% of what your items sell for (less the consignor fee and $10 valet tagging fee to cover tagging supplies). If you want to volunteer or barter 4 hours or more at the sale, you could earn more!
  2. How do I prepare my items for valet tagging?
     Gather your items that you wish to consign. Make sure they are stain free and clean. All clothing must be on a hanger, we will provide all other tagging supplies. All electronic items must have working batteries.
  3. How do the Tagging Fairies determine what price my item will get?
    Our Tagging Fairies are trained, seasoned consignors. Their goal is to price items right so that the item will sell and you, the Consignor will make money. Before the tags are printed you will have a opportunity to look over the pricing and make any last minute changes.
  4. What happens to items that don’t meet Kidcycle quality control standards?
    We pull those items and can either bag them up for you to pick up or they can be added to our free play clothes bin.

  5. What happens to items that don’t sell?
    That is up to you! You can have your items on white tags and they can go to our Dollar Day Sale where 100% of the proceeds go to The Diaper Bank of North Carolina. or you can have them on a colored tag and they can be waiting for you to pick up at our designated pick up time.

  6. If I choose Valet Tagging, when do I get to shop?
    Depending on whether you are donating your items or not, you will get to shop when consignors get to shop. If you volunteer you get to shop even earlier!

  7. I want to have a Tagging Fairy to tag my items! How do I sign up?
    Space is limited! Contact us to let us know that you are interested and we will connect you with the next available Tagging Fairy. If none are available, we will put you on a waiting list until all slots are full.

  8. I want to be a Tagging Fairy! How can I sign up?
    Contact us and let us know you are interested!